The perfect job

College is such a ambitious place to be. You’re not yet out into the harsh cold, and the books show you the best of what the world has to offer. Starry eyed and optimistic, you tend to believe everyone who speaks to you of what’s on the other side of the fence. I was swept away by a big brand name, and a fat paycheck. 6 months later, I know it was all a huge lie. I feel cheated, and don’t know where to go next or how can I make myself feel better. What appalls me is that the big corporations have enough money to pay the brightest minds and convince them that this is it. Its the ugly truth. I’ve been there before, and it took me a long time to break away from the monotonous merry-go-round. I was rescued by a castle set far away from everything, and was cocooned by books and classrooms with other optimistic dreamers for company. And we were all somehow convinced to hop onto to this messy ride again. Is that what my work is gonna always be about? Lots of money, with mind numbing and meaningless work? Of course, the internship was a sliver of hope and that is what I’m clinging on to even now. I don’t want to give up, and I’m not convinced that the big corp’s are right. I’m back for my eternal quest of the perfect job!


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